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2011 Back to School: Michael Wilkins and Jon Watkins

What follows is a summary of the presentation given by Michael Wilkins and Jon Watkins

Using YouTube in the EFL Classroom

By Michael Wilkins and Jon Watkins
Kansai University of International Studies

In our presentation we talked about using YouTube to promote student autonomy in the EFL classroom.  We started off with a short discussion about the explosion of online video in recent years and then talked about six activities using YouTube teachers can try in their own classrooms.

1) World Englishes and TV drama clips
YouTube is a rich source of authentic material for teaching World Englishes. The teacher creates comprehension questions and cloze activities from appropriate video clips. Students then choose their own clips and create their own activities and teach the class. Students find differences between dialects and create a small dictionary.

2) TOEFL Notetaking and Summarizing
Students studying the TOEFL have to be proficient at note taking and summarizing to answer the integrated questions in the TOEFL Speaking and writing sections.  The skills have to be practiced many times and standard TOEFL tests can get boring. The teacher and later the students create materials simulating the TOEFL test format but with higher interest student chosen materials.

3) Conversational Analysis
The class analyzes a YouTube clip for elements of conversation studied in class: verbal and non-verbal cues, word choice strategies, use of tone, slang etc. Students then peruse YouTube looking for other clips that demonstrate the class concepts. Students then build their own presentations around their chosen clips.

4) Student Vlogs
A Vlog is a video blog, basically an online diary in video form. Students can be directed to well-known existing vlogs to serve as examples. Students then create their own vlogs and respond to classmates’ vlogs in video form. Vlogs can be made private on YouTube.

5) Famous Movie Scene Reenactments
In groups students select a favorite scene from a movie, transcribe it, and reenact the scene on video. A quality reenactment requires a great deal of repeated close listening and speaking practice.

6) Movie Trailer Voice-Overs
Most trailers are only one to two minutes long. Students download the trailer from YouTube, transcribe the audio, record their own audio for the trailer, add their new audio for the trailer, and post their redubbed trailers to YouTube.  Afterwards students can hold a “Re-Dub Trailer Film Festival”.

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