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2011 TechDayPlus: Andrew Philpott

The following is a summary of the presentation given by Andrew Philpott.

Motivating Students Using CALL and Blended Learning

By Andrew Philpott

As motivation is such a crucial factor in determining how quickly a student can acquire a new language, it is important to know what motivates students and how to channel this motivation into a learning environment. The purpose of this workshop was to teach university instructors how to make motivating lessons using the popular websites YouTube, Wikipedia, EBay, and Blogger. Each lesson will focus on improving either the student’s reading, writing, listening, or speaking skills.

I started this presentation with a discussion about what things students are interested in and what motivates them or de-motivates them. In the next part of the presentation I discussed blended learning and how we should use it to structure an effective lesson. After that I gave the audience a skeleton worksheet which they can use to create an unlimited amount of motivating, blended learning lessons. Each lesson has a different focus such as developing listening skills using YouTube, developing reading skills using Wikipedia, developing speaking skills using eBay, and developing writing skills using Blogger.

The motivating factor is that the content found on each website will be things chosen by the students which they are interested in. Blended Learning in CALL is important because it gives students multiple ways to learn content. Having a blend is more effective than pure CALL as the blend provides various contexts which invoke the students’ interest on different levels, if not all.

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