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Vocabulary Research Help Request (40 min. vocab. test --online or paper-- for your university classes in April):

Vocabulary Research Help Request

(40 min. vocab. test --online or paper-- for your university classes in April):

Dear teachers,
We are writing to ask for your help with our one off vocabulary research project this spring.  We have received a JALT research grant for this project, and we are confident that it will be of use to teachers in the future.
Vocabulary size is one of the strongest contributing factors to reading and listening comprehension. However, studies examining our students’ vocabulary sizes are sorely lacking. Thus, the primary goal of our research is to make informed general statements about different groups of Japanese University students' vocabulary size.  The secondary purpose of our research is to determine which factors may be useful in predicting vocabulary sizes for this population.
In order to conduct this research we need a very large number of participants, so we are using a snowball sampling method. If you know of any other instructors who may be able to participate, please forward this e-mail to them.
If you are willing to use half of a class period (40 minutes) to have your students take a vocabulary test, we would really appreciate it.  This is NOT a longitudinal study so the test only needs to be given once in April 2012 if possible.  The test is available through a simple online interface or in paper form.  If you choose the online version we will email you the link and login information required; if you choose the paper version we will mail you the tests and a postage-paid return envelope.  In addition to our gratitude, teachers will also receive their students’ test results by e-mail as such knowledge may be beneficial even though the semester will have already begun.
If you are going to participate please reply to this mail ( ) with the following information:
Teacher’s name
University name and campus
Department name
The department (faculty) of your students
The number of students
The academic year of the students
The approximate date you intend to administer the test
The hensachi of your department (if available, if not we can check it)
Please indicate which form of the test you will use: online or paper
The postal address where you would like to receive the tests (for paper versions only)
Thank you for your time.
Best wishes for 2012!
Stuart McLean
Tom Rush
Nicholas Hogg
Med TESOL Candidate
Temple University Japan

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