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Dang it! A competing event

One perennial problem JALT has here in Kansai is that there are so many things going on related to language teaching that it is often difficult to schedule an event that isn’t competing with something else.

A good example: this weekend (April 16) there are chapter meetings in both Kyoto and Kobe. (Although some might argue that Kyoto and Kobe are so far from each other that they don’t really compete. However, it is only 45 minutes from Sannomiya station to Kyoto station on the JR and personally, I spend more time than that on the train going from one end of the prefecture to the other – just to get to work.)

Coming up next weekend (April 24) is the first big Osaka JALT event of the new academic year – our ‘Back to School’ event. We will have over 20 presentations on a wide range of topics that should be of interest to everyone involved in language teaching.

However, I just found out that also on April 24, Kansai SIETAR is also having an event. From the announcement: SEITAR “will hold a workshop…to share materials on teaching intercultural communication...” Sounds good. I wish I could go.

Of course, I’d love for everyone to come to the Osaka JALT event, but I wouldn’t blame people for going to SEITAR.

Another busy weekend!


2011 Hanami

Thanks to everyone that came out to our hanami. We had a big turnout and everyone enjoyed themselves. The blossoms were in full bloom. There was plenty of good food and drink and the weather was nice (although a bit cold after the sun went down.) We even had live music!

If you are still in the mood for hanami (and if the weather is nice, and there are still blossoms on the trees), more hanami fun can be had in Kyoto this coming Saturday at Kyoto JALT's hanami event. For more information, click HERE.


JALT Emergency Response Webpage

JALT has added a special webpage to help members affected by the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. The page can be found at:

The page includes a message from the board of directors, volunteer and donation information, as well as links to useful websites.