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Message and April 7 event notes from Andy Boon

Thank you very much Osaka JALT for inviting me down to Kansai for two presentations on April 7th. Thank you for your input and your hospitality.

In the first presentation, we discussed questions such as what motivation is and why some students may not be motivated to study English. I then provided an overview of Maslow's "Hierarchy of needs" and Dornyei's "Motivational teaching practice" and how they relate to English language teaching in our context (Please see Dornyei, Z. (2001). Motivational strategies in the language classroom, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press for further details). The audience then got to try out a number of activities to use in the classroom and discuss the motivational rationale behind each one. If you missed the presentation, check out the January 2012 edition of Modern English Teacher which has a full write-up of "Here we are, now motivate us."

In the second presentation, we looked at the role of negotiation in syllabus design. I described three contexts in which I have used a negotiated syllabus; business English classes, extension center classes, and university classes. Although university syllabuses have to be written before teachers actually meet the students of the class, I explored ways to negotiate projects, homework, groupings, methodology, and material. If you missed this presentation, check out my chapter in Paul Nation and John McAlister`s (2011) Case studies in language curriculum, Routledge.

Well, just time to say thank you again to Osaka JALT and I hope to see you all again in the not so distant future.


Osaka JALT Int'l Hanami BBQ Party -- Sunday, April 8 @Sakuranomiya park







Sunday, April 8, at Sakuranomiya park

Osaka JALT again teams up with WhyNot?!Japan and Kinki Brewers for our annual International Hanami BBQ Party @ Sakuranomiya Park~~~!

(NOTE: Location is NOT at Osaka-jo park as in the past, since bbq-ing was banned at our old spot.)

Check out a 30-sec. video of last year's event at:

It's BYOB. So bring meats & veggies etc. for BBQ & drinks. (We prepare BBQ grills.)

Everyone is welcome~ ;) Bring your friends and make new friends too!
100 people are expected ;)

誰でも参加オッケー。新しい友達を作ろう! 約100名の外国人&

★No Charge★無料★

Date: April 8th Sunday
Time: Noon ~ Sunset
Place: Sakuranomiya Park (桜宮公園)
Access: 5 min from JR Sakuranomiya station. (West exit)

Go south from West exit (along a river). You will pass the "NEW" beach and baseball field. Our spot is next to baseball field. (Toilet is in front.) Check the map below.


See you there~!!

Your Osaka JALT Team, and



Osaka JALT sponsors 5 CamTESOL participants

Osaka JALT is proud to sponsor 5 Cambodian English teachers for the Cam-TESOL conference in Phnom Penh on Feb. 25-26. 

It is not too late for individuals to also sponsor a teacher for just $60 (our income for just 1 or 2 lessons, when you think about it!) at:

Below is an appeal from JALT President Kevin Cleary and Vice President Nathan Furuya:

-----Original Message----- From: Kevin Cleary
Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2012 11:15 PM
To: Ebm-Net
Subject: [EBM-Net] Sponsor a Cambodian Teacher to attend CamTESOL

Dear colleagues,

Like you, we became teachers because we wanted to make a difference. We are thus very glad to give you the chance to make a big difference in the professional development of a teacher in Cambodia.

Do you remember the first time you attended a JALT conference? The excitement of meeting new friends, getting practical teaching tips and new ways of thinking about language teaching? How energized you were as you returned to the classroom, and how the friends you made and the things you learned helped you become a better teacher year after year? You can help ensure that deserving teachers in Cambodia get a similar experience, and all for $60 per sponsored teacher.

Cambodia is still a desperately poor country, but it is definitely on its way up and English teachers are playing a key part of the country's revival. Unfortunately, salaries for teachers, especially those in the provinces, are so low that only with help can they attend the CamTESOL conference, which will be held 25-26 February 2012 in Phnom Penh. Detailed information on the conference can be found here:

CamTESOL is JALT's newest international partner, and we are working together to sponsor Cambodian teachers and give them their best opportunity for professional development in 2012. Your sponsorship fee will pay for a teacher's conference registration and transportation to and from Phnom Penh (lodging is usually free, and is on a homestay basis).

We urge JALT chapters, SIGs and individuals to consider sponsoring Cambodian teachers. Anyone who has attended CamTESOL comes away impressed by the enthusiasm with which the Cambodian teachers participate in their conference and inspired by their dedication. Let's support their development!

How to sponsor a teacher:
1. Individuals: Use the CamTESOL website; be sure to write your JALT affiliation in the comments box during the payment process.

2. Chapters and SIGs: If your group wishes to sponsor one or more teachers, please use the CamTESOL website as above, and reimburse the paying officer. Also, be sure to put down your Chapter or SIG name in the comments box.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you in June, if not earlier.

Kevin Cleary

Nathan Furuya
Vice President

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