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2011 Tech Day: Laura Markslag 2

The following is a summary of the presentation given by Laura Markslag

Own It! How Digital Movies Help Learners Use English Meaningfully

By: Laura Markslag

When learners use English meaningfully and make it ‘theirs”, L2 learning grows exponentially. In this workshop, I demonstrated how learners could use their L2 in meaningful and engaging ways to create and evaluate simple digital movies.

Using a free digital movie making website ( and a free blog website ( I developed a six-step lesson plan to help teachers and learners create their own digital movies. The lesson plan requires three to four 90-minute classes. Because it is an open-ended activity and there is not a single right answer that learners get either right or wrong, this activity allows learners to work at their own level in the target language. This activity, thus, can be used with all levels of language learning. It works particularly well with multilevel classes because every learner is able to complete the task. No special computer skills are required, though it is helpful if learners have a basic understanding of computer use. Here is a summary of the lesson:

Step 1: Preteach target vocabulary and structures.
Step 2: Collaborate with the class to create/finish a movie.
Step 3: Reflect on various movies by asking learners to complete movie reviews.
Step 4: Create individual movies with the help of a plot and conversation-planning sheet (attached).
Step 5: Present movies to the class.
Step 6: Post-movie follow-up activities.

The PowerPoint presentation below outlines each step in detail.

Digital movies - Laura Markslag
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Laura Markslag (M.S.Ed Temple University) is an EFL lecturer at Osaka Gakuin University. She is interested in vocabulary acquisition and assessment, multilingualism and the development of motivating classroom materials.