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2011 TechDayPlus: By William Hogue 1/3

The following is a summary of the presenation given by William Hogue

Flip your classroom with Google

By William Hogue

I described a problem situation; university science students repeating a required English writing course in a computer lab with “materials” consisting of only PowerPoint slideshows (PPT). I reviewed a previous solution, that of converting the PPT materials to PDFs and then posting them to a shared folder on the university network. From there, students could print them or save them for self-study.  This was a reasonably successful approach, I believe because the PDFs were more accessible to the students than the PPTs, but I felt that more could be done with both distribution and content.

While researching possible solutions, I discovered Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sam’s “Flipped Classroom”. These two high school chemistry teachers deliver their classes by “vodcast” (video podcast). They then devote class time to hands-on work (chemistry labs, assisting individual students). They report that this “flipping” of lecture and homework has resulting in substantial improvements in outcome. (See the videos embedded in the Google Presentation here: I then reported using a Google Sites website to accomplish a similar flip. I provide course materials as web pages or as PDFs attached to those pages, but now I also include videos (from YouTube) and interactive grammar review lessons (from BBC Learning English). Class time is now used for “writing workshop” time. I also expanded the system to include two reading courses, using similar procedures.

Finally I showed photos of group work in reading classes and displayed some student writing samples in Google Docs. I reported observing students accessing the videos and interactive lessons during class and also going back to review earlier material during workshop time. Attendance in the “repeater writing” class is very good and the students do revisions online after I leave feedback.