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SIETAR Kansai April 2018, Two Lectures, Sexual Harassment: From Two Vantage Points

Organized and sponsored by SIETAR Kansai.
Also sponsored by Osaka JALT, Kyoto JALT, Nara JALT, and (Gender Awareness in Language Education) GALE SIG.


Sunday, April 22, 2018 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

SIETAR Kansai April 2018, Sexual Harassment: From Two Vantage Points

First Presentation - Dr. Robert O'Mochain, Ritsumeikan university

Sexual Harassment: From Cultures of Silence to Cultures of Empowerment

     This presentation explores the issue of sexual harassment through the lens of culture, in particular the cultures of educational institutions. To what extent do educational cultures tolerate unacceptable behaviour, with a culture of impunity for perpetrators? To what extent are individuals aware of the seriousness of sexual harassment, and what steps have they taken to eliminate this prevalent social ill? The presentation also considers national, political, organizational, and military cultures in terms of the styles of masculinity which they promote and how this translates into toxic patterns of harassment. Finally, considerations are made of counter-arguments to some arguments of protagonists of the “Me Too” campaign, a recent far-reaching, multimedia, cultural phenomenon.

Dr. Robert O’Mochain is an Associate Professor of the College of International Relations in RitsumeikanUniversity. His doctoral research explored the implications of homophobia in the lives of teachers and students in Japan. More recently, he has explored the implications of sexual harassment in educational contexts and has applied a Masculinities Studies perspective to sexual harassment issues.

Second Presentation - Dr. Fiona Creaser  Kitakyushu University

 Springboard Women's work and Personal Development Program: One Woman's Journey

     Dr. Fiona Creaser’s past research has been on harassment against women; however, two years ago she felt that although workplace policies had improved somewhat, there was still a gap between the reality of harassment and its effects on people. There was a clear need for safe working environments for people to speak freely about their experiences of harassment. Victims of harassment experienced anger, disappointment and isolation. Dr. Creaser thus worked on a project to culturally translate and introduce to Japan the Springboard Women’s Work and Personal Development programme, a programmewhich was developed in Durham University in the UK and dedicated to empower women to create their own networks of power and safety. This project has sponsored several women in Japan to become licensed trainers, and it is expected that this will result in pockets of support networks to spring up throughout Japan.

Dr. Fiona Creaser
is an Associate Professor at the University of Kitakyushu, where she teaches gender issues. Her research interests include sexual harassment, workplace bullying, and women’s self-development and empowerment programmes.

For those interested, we'll go to a nearby restaurant after the presentations for dinner. Please RSVP so we can be sure to reserve you a seat! Reservations are required by Thursday April 19th.

Event Speakers: Dr. Robert O’Mochain, Ritsumeikan University ​​& Dr. Fiona Creaser, Kitakyushu University
Fee for JALT members: Free for SIETAR & JALT members and full-time students
Fee for non-JALT members: 500 yen
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Translation of the above


2018年異文化コミュニケーション学会関西支部 4月例会


プレゼンテーション 1 :Dr. Robert O’Mochain(立命館大学)

このプレゼンテーションでは、文化というレンズを通して、特に教育機関の文化におけるセクシュアル・ハラスメントの問題を取り上げます。加害者にはおとがめなしという文化の中で、教育現場では容認すべきでない行動をどの程度許容しているのでしょうか? また、社会悪としてまん延するセクシュアル・ハラスメントの重大性はどの程度認識され、排除のためにどのような対策が講じられているでしょうか? このプレゼンテーションでは、国家、政治、組織、軍隊といった男らしさが推奨される文化について取り上げ、その「男らしさ」がどのようにしてハラスメントという有害なパターンへと変わっていくかについても検討します。そして最後に、最近マルチメディアを通じて広範囲に展開される文化現象である「Me Too」キャンペーンの主唱者の主張に対する反論について考察します。

Robert O’Mochain氏は、立命館大学国際関係学部の准教授です。博士研究では、日本の教師や学生の生活において同性愛嫌悪が及ぼす影響について調査しました。最近では、教育という文脈でのセクシュアル・ハラスメントの影響を探るとともに、「男性学」の視点を、セクシュアル・ハラスメントの問題の研究に採り入れています。

プレゼンテーション2:Dr. Fiona Creaser (北九州市立大学)

Fiona Creaser氏は、以前から女性へのハラスメントに関する研究を行なっています。2年前に彼女は、職場での方針についてはいくらか改善が見られるものの、ハラスメントの現実と、ハラスメントが人々に及ぼす影響との間には依然としてギャップがあると感じていました。ハラスメントの経験について自由に発言できるような、安全な職場環境が必要であることは明らかでした。ハラスメントの被害者たちは、怒りや、失望や、孤独の中にいました。そこで、Creaser氏は「女性の職業と自己啓発のためのスプリングボード」プログラムを、日本文化になじむように翻訳して日本に紹介するプロジェクトに携わりました。このプログラムは英国のダラム大学で開発されたもので、女性たちが強力かつ安全なネットワークを自ら作り出せるよう支援することを目的としています。このプロジェクトは既に、数名の日本人女性にもトレーナーライセンスの取得支援を行なっており、ここから日本全国に支援ネットワークが広がることが期待されています。

Dr. Fiona Creaser氏は、北九州市立大学の准教授で、ジェンダー問題について教えています。セクシュアル・ハラスメント、職場でのいじめ、女性の自己啓発およびエンパワーメントプログラムなどの研究に携わっています。

終了後に近くのレストランで夕食会を致します。参加ご希望の方は予約が必要となります 4月19日(木)迄にご連絡下さい。

講師: Dr. Robert O’Mochain(立命館大学)& Dr. Fiona Creaser (北九州市立大学)
使用言語: 英語
費用:会員・学生は無料、 非会員は500円

Edcamp Kansai 2018


Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 10:00am to 4:00pm

Edcamp Kansai 2018
Edcamp Kansai provides a unique opportunity to meet and network with knowledgeable, dedicated, passionate people in education and related fields: pre-schools, public schools, private schools, international schools, universities, artists, workshop leaders, event organisers, edu-preneurs, and more!
What the day looks like is up to participants! Edcamp Kansai sessions are based on the ideas and interests of participants. Please join us to discuss the things that matter most to you, from small, everyday teaching practices to big ideas and educational philosophies.

Space is limited, so please register at the new. Please RSVP at the Edcamp Kansai website so we can be sure to reserve you a seat! Updates will be available on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, as well as Edcamp news and interesting articles in education. Join in the discussion online!


2-2, Izumimachi 2-Chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-8520 Japan 
Contact or Queries 

Translation of the above


Edcamp Kansai 2018は開催です!

Edcamp Kansai は教育分野に熱い情熱を持つみなさんならどなたでも参加できます。幼稚園から、小中学校、高校、大学、インターナショナルスクール、芸術家、ファシリテーター、起業家など、ぜひご参加ください。
参加ご希望の方は Edcamp Kansai のホームページで RSVP してください! また、 TwitterFacebookGoogle+にもフォローして、オンラインでシェーアしましょう!

Osaka JALT Shinnenkai at Krungtep Thai restaurant in Namba, Jan 27, 6:30 pm ~ ?

It's time to ring in the New Year one more time and celebrate the end of the school year! Please join us on Saturday, January 27th, for an evening of reflecting on the past year, planning for the year to come, networking, and some of the best Thai food in Kansai! Meet at 6:30 pm at Krungtep Thai restaurant  in Namba, very near Dotonbori Bridge.

The set-course (with vegetarian option available) including drinks is 3500 yen for JALT members and 4300 yen for non-members. Space is limited, so please RSVP by Friday the 26th to reserve your seat. Friends, family, and students are all very welcome. The more the merrier!

Event Speaker: Everyone! It's a party!
Fee for JALT members: 3500 yen (includes drinks)
Fee for non-JALT members: 4300 yen (includes drinks)

Osaka JALT year-end dinner party in Umeda

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Event Theme: 
Come wine and dine with friends, colleagues, and family as we wind down the year!

JALT members, friends, and family are all invited to join us for our end of year dinner party with all-you-can-eat buffet in the beautiful smoke-free environment with great views of the city at Satoyama Dining Restaurant on the 17th floor of Umeda's Hankyu Terminal Building. The 2-hour dinner buffet is 2600 yen (1300 yen for elementary school children and 650 for pre-schoolers), plus 1000 yen for 3-hour nomihoudai (all-you-can-drink). The buffet has plenty of vegetarian options for those so inclined. RSVP using this form:

Event Speaker: Everyone!
Fee for JALT members:  2000 yen (plus 1000 yen for optional nomihoudai)
Fee for non-JALT members: 2600 yen (plus 1000 yen for optional nomihoudai)

Kansai Four Corners 2017, with Gabriel Díaz Maggioli and John Wiltshier

Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 12:30pm to 4:30pm


This year's Kansai Four Corners event features Gabriel Díaz Maggioli of Uruguay, one of the plenary speakers at JALT2017, and is again co-sponsored by Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka Chapters of JALT. This year we also welcome John Wiltshier, co-author of English Firsthand, sponsored by Pearson Japan.

12:30: Registration opens

1:00 - 2:00 - John Wiltshier, co-author of English Firsthand, 5th edition, sponsored by Pearson Japan

Good education versus gamification--Who wins?

     Why do our students, spend so much time gaming, tweeting, clicking, liking, uploading texting? As teachers we can critically observe students’ online activities to determine what — if anything — can be utilized for good education. In this presentation, I will present 6 principles that make online games, apps and internet-use so compelling – even addictive – and invite you to draw parallels to what you do in your classes. What this reveals may well surprise you! Then focusing on the 3Ts; teacher, textbook, technology, we will consider how our choices about what we do and the materials we use include or exclude these 6 principles. Practical examples from the newly published English Firsthand Fifth Edition, with its online component My Mobile World, will be used to illustrate how such principles can be built into textbooks and technology. Finally, when we reconsider the title; “Good education versus gamification -who wins?”, you should feel confident enough to suggest an answer.

John Wiltshier has been a teacher for 26 years and is currently a Professor at Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University in Sendai. He has presented nationally and internationally in Asia, Europe and the U.S being plenary speaker at the PANSIG conference and twice featured-speaker at the JALT International Conference. John is co-author of the highly successful English Firsthand series – 5th edition, published this year. In addition, he is author and series consultant (Japan) of the global six level primary course: Our Discovery Island.

2:15 - 4:15 - Gabriel Díaz Maggioli  (JALT2017 plenary speaker, and Professor at the National Teacher Education College in Montevideo, Uruguay, and Director of the MATESOL Program at CLAEH University in Punta del Este)

Developing oracy skills in the classroom

     The development of oracy skills is generally cited as one of the difficulties that English language teachers experience. In this workshop we will explore various tried and tested techniques that get students talking...and talking...and talking. Come to this workshop and learn a variety of techniques to help boost your learners' oral expression.
     No matter what level we teach, we are generally confronted with silence whenever we introduce a speaking class. In this session, I will attempt to present a series of techniques that help learners activate their passive knowledge of the language so that they can express themselves orally both with fluency and with accuracy. The techniques range from controlled to free so that they can be usefully applied not just to the development of oracy skills, but also to the development of language as a whole. 

Gabriel Diaz Maggioli is Professor of TESOL Methods at the National Teacher Education College in Montevideo, Uruguay, and Director of the MATESOL Program at CLAEH University in Punta del Este. He also acts as consultant in education-related projects for various organizations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. He is a teacher who applies the lessons learned in the classroom to his roles as teacher educator, researcher and author. His area of research is the application of Sociocultural Learning Theory to the field of teacher learning and has authored, and co-authored, 28 books ranging from coursebooks to reference books, as well as numerous academic articles. He has shared his theories and praxis with colleagues in the Americas, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Gabriel also works as a consultant for international agencies such as the European Union, UNESCO, UNICEF, the British Council, the US Department of State, and The World Bank. He currently lives and works in Uruguay, where he is Tenured Professor of TESOL Methods at the National Teacher Education College, and Director of the MATESOL Program at CLAEH University.

For those interested, we'll go to a nearby restaurant after the presentations for drinks and dinner. Please RSVP so we can be sure to reserve you a seat!

Event Speakers: Gabriel Díaz Maggioli and John Wiltshire
Fee for JALT members: Free for JALT members and full-time students
Fee for non-JALT members: 1000 yen
Contact or Queries 

Osaka JALT主催

スピーカー:Gabriel Diaz Maggioli and John Wiltshier


非会員は1000円 ご質問のある方は まで

      開催地:甲南大学 マネジメント総合学部 CUBE(西宮市高松町8-33)


今年は総会でもスピーチをしていただいたウルグアイ出身のGabriel Diaz Maggioli氏をお迎えします。今年も神戸支部、京都支部、奈良支部、大阪支部の共催でおこないます。また「English Firsthand」の共著者であるJohn Wiltshier氏もお迎えして、最近出版された第5版について述べていただきます。

12:30 受付開始 

13:00-14:00John Wiltshier氏 “Good education versus gamification—Who wins?”


注意深く観察すれば、教育に活かすことができるのではないか?このプレゼンではオンラインゲーム、アプリ、インターネットなどに夢中になるような6つの方針と、授業でそれらをどう使うことができるかについて述べます。お楽しみに!その後、3T(teacher, textbook, technology)に焦点を当て、授業でおこなうことや教材の選択が6つの方針とどうかかわってくるか考えましょう。「Firsthand (5th edition)」およびオンラインコンポの「My Mobile World」を使って例を挙げたいと思います。

John Wiltshier氏は26年にわたり教育に携わっており、現在は宮城学院女子大学の教授です。

日本国内だけではなくアジア、ヨーロッパ、アメリカなどで研究発表をされており、PANSIG conferenceの総会スピーチやJALT International Conferenceでメイン講演者として発表していただいています。

14:15-16:15Gabriel Diaz Maggioli氏 “Developing oracy skills in the classroom”



Gabriel Diaz Maggioli氏はウルグアイのNational Teacher Education College TESOL Methodsの教授です。他にもClaeh大学のMATESOLプログラムの理事もされています。またアメリカ、ヨーロッパ、中近東、東アジアの様々な機関で教育関連のプロジェクトの顧問もされています。研究分野はSociocultural Learning Theoryの教員学習への応用で、単著共著含め28冊のコースブック、参考書、学術書などをを執筆されています。また、EU, UNESCO,UNICEFなどの国際機関でも顧問として勤めていらっしゃいます。




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