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Ratification of Osaka JALT Constitution: Voting Deadline June 21

 Osaka JALT Chapter Constitution ratified

The results of the ballot to ratify our new updated chapter constitution is as follows:
Yes -- 105 members
No -- 2 members
Abstain -- 5 members

Voting ended June 21. We had 112 votes out of 198 paid-up members, for a fairly high 56% participation rate (and 53% approval, so a clear majority). The new constitution can be viewed at, and a list of all ratified chapter & SIG constitutions is posted at

NOTE: If you are a paid-up member who did NOT get your ballot in an email titled "Osaka JALT Constituiton", then there may be a problem with your email address in our records, so please check and/or update it with our Membership Chair.
And if you DID get the ballot but did not vote, then please let us know that your email address is valid, as this election is a good opportunity to confirm or update your info with us.

For more info on this, please click on the Editorial link above, or the link below:

Reader Comments (1)

Final Voting Results on ratification of our chapter constitution...

Cast ballots: 112 out of 198 (56%)

Yes: 105 (53% of all members)
No: 2
Abstain: 5

June 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRay Franklin

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