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 Call for Papers for Osaka JALT Journal Vol. 5



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Call for Presentations at KUIS on July 21 (due June 17)



 Osaka JALT is pleased to co-sponsor a mini-conference on Effective Language Teaching: The Never-Ending Challenge, to be held on Saturday, July 21 (10 am - 5 pm) at the Kansai University of International Studies (KUIS) campus in Amagasaki.

Other co-sponsors are the LiLT SIG, the Kobe JALT Chapter, the Jr/Sr. High School SIG, Cengage Learning, Pearson Kirihara, Oxford Unversity Press , the Research Institute for Communication and the Department of English Education of Kansai University of International Studies.

Thanks to the sponsors, this event is free for everyone.

Call for Submissions deadline: Sunday, June 17, midnight 

 Check website here for criteria.

The theme is  Effective Language Teaching: The Never-Ending Challenge.” 

The objectives are:
1. to identify the challenges language teachers face in the classroom,

2. to come up with ways to confront these challenges, and

3. to develop a network among high schools and universities to share information about language teaching.

The plenary speaker is Prof. Paul Hullah (Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo)

Former Miyazaki JALT Chapter President Paul Hullah (PhD, English Literature, Edinburgh University) is currently tenured faculty at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo. A vocal campaigner for the use of literature in English teaching, he is co-founder of Liberlit, an organization for ‘Discussion and Defense of the Role of ‘Literary’ Texts in the English Curriculum’. He is himself a prolific author. He has written and edited volumes of literary criticism, EFL-based research articles and textbooks, journalism, and creative writing, and has presented regularly at conferences word-wide during the last two decades: Rock UK, a socio-cultural history of British rock music in textbook form, was published this year by Cengage Learning, and his fifth collection of poetry, Homing, was published in the UK in 2011 by Word Power Books.

Two versions of the poster for the Call for Papers for the one day conference at KUIS ("Effective Language Teaching: The Never-Ending Challenge") are now available:

Download them - print them - post them!

Show your support for this Osaka JALT co-sponsored event by spreading the word, or by submitting a proposal!


Task-Based Language Teaching in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities

Date and Time: 
Saturday, 19 May 2012 - 10:00am - Sunday, 20 May 2012 - 3:00pm
Plenary Speakers: David Carless and Michael Thomas

The aim of this international event is to enable language educators and researchers from across Asia to share ideas and discuss various aspects relating to the theory and/or practice of task-based learning and teaching in Asia.

Osaka Shoin Women's University
Fee for JALT members: 
3500 yen (5000 yen for non-JALT members)
Fee for one-day members: 
2500 yen (3500 yen for non-JALT members)
The JALT TBL SIG'S 'TBL in Asia' conference schedule can now be found here:

And the full handbook can be found here:


Asian Conferences on Language Learning & Technology in the Classroom


DATE: April 26-28, 2012
TIME: 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Ramada Osaka (Umeda)
FEE: ¥50,000

The International Academic Forum in conjunction with its global partners is proud to announce the Second Asian Conference on Language Learning, to be held from April 26-28 2012, at the Ramada Osaka, Osaka, Japan.

The aim of this International Conference is to encourage academics, scholars and practitioners representing a exciting diversity of countries, cultures, and religion to meet and exchange ideas and views in a forum encouraging respectful dialogue. By bringing together a number of university scholars working throughout Japan, Asia, and beyond to share ideas, ACLL/ACTC 2012 will afford the opportunity for renewing old acquaintances, making new contacts, and networking across higher education and beyond.

For more information please see and


Back to School 2012: Sunday, April 22 @OGU

Sunday, April 22 at Osaka Gakuin University

Back to School 2012



Back to School is our annual spring one-day mini-conference which aims to share ideas on a wide range of topics to help everyone start the new school year on a positive note.

Check out this 30 sec. video summary of last year's event:

With long and short presentations, poster sessions, and plenty of time to socialize (especially at the dinner party afterwards at a nearby restaurant) there is sure to be something for everyone. See our conference homepage here.

Date: Sunday, April 22, 2012
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Location: Osaka Gakuin University, Building No. 2 (See map here.)
Fee: ¥1000 JALT Members & Full-time Students; ¥2000 One-day members


This year's presentations include: 

Jason Bartashius After School Lessons For Tohoku Children
Thomas Boutorwick  Individualized Vocabulary Quizzes
Harry Carley Wikis or Blogs: Which is right for a writing course?
Gretchen Clark

Practical Ideas for Developing Learner Autonomy

in Secondary Classes

Pahnee Fukui  Bloom's Taxonomy and Critical Thinking 
Sean Gay Improving grading efficiency with Word 2010
Kristin Golden

Using Taboo and Controversial Topics to Engage Intermediate

and Advanced Learners

Noriko Kinami and Takaaki Morioka 

Self-motivating Strategies Used by Adult EFL Learners

and University Students in Japan

Alison Kitzman

"Frontloading" Communication Skills and Strategies

in Language Classes

Arthur Lauritsen 10 lessons you can do without handouts
Catherine LeBlanc Fostering communicative competence through reading circles
Matt Lucas

Crossing the Frontier: Cross-Linguistic Awareness-Raising

and L2 Written Accuracy

Paul Marlowe Absorb, Retain, Apply: Ideas for Maximizing Language Learning
Stuart McLean Dictogloss and forced output following speed-reading.  
Christopher Micek Peeling the Cultural Onion
Tony Minotti

An action plan to help reduce classroom stress

for EFL students

Fergus O'Dwyer Assessing the role of Classroom Assessment Practices
Junko Omotedani Theory and Practice for TOEIC Reading Classes
Matthew Reynolds Isn't it time we had a JALT SIG for school owners?
Steve McCarty Analyzing Types of Bilingual Education in Japan and the World
Michael Sullivan Cubing: Six Sides to An Activity
Donna Tatsuki The Place of Literature in the ELT Curriculum
Jennifer Voss Making Learning Stick: Review Activities
Jason White Using role-play to increase motivation and lower anxiety
Brian Wojtowicz

Diary Studies: The Benefits of Simple or Extensive


Lori Zenuk-Nishide Literary Texts in ELT in Japan


Schedule posted online here, and presentation descriptions are online here.


100% of the proceeds from this event will be going to support relief efforts in Tohoku, so by participating you'll not only be learning, schmoozing, and getting ready for the new school year, you'll also be helping us make a difference for those that can definitely use and will greatly appreciate our assistance. Come help us help those who so greatly need it and appreciate it in Tohoku!

We look forward to seeing you there!



Motivation and Negotiated Syllabuses: Two presentations by Andy Boon

Saturday, 7 April 2012, 6:00 - 8:30 pm
Speaker: Andy Boon

Two presentations by Andy Boon, a Featured Speaker at JALT 2011 (followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant):

1. Here we are now, Motivate us

You walk into the classroom. The students are at the back chatting with friends, sitting in silence, checking their phones, or resting their heads on the desks. Then, suddenly, the bell sounds. It is the start of the class. How do we as teachers change the classroom dynamic to one where learning can take place for all concerned? How do we create an environment and experience that will spark our students' natural curiosity and eagerness to develop? Once in action, how can we help nurture and sustain their interest throughout the lesson when learner motivation is constantly at threat. This presentation will provide an overview of Dörnyei's motivational teaching practice model (2001), describe its practical application in the L2 classroom, and explore strategies for generating, maintaining and protecting student motivation. The audience will be invited to share their own experiences of and suggestions for stimulating teen spirit.

2. Negotiated syllabuses: Do you want to?

It has been said that negotiated syllabuses can increase student motivation and involvement in the learning process. And yet, learner and teacher reservations towards gaining or relinquishing control of syllabus design decisions can often mean that negotiated syllabuses are difficult to implement. This presentation will look at three different teaching contexts in which negotiated syllabuses (or certain elements of negotiation) have been implemented (business courses, extension center courses, and university courses). It will describe the results of a qualitative research study into whether teachers and students really want to negotiate syllabuses. Finally, the audience will be invited to share their own experiences by answering the questions; have you and do you want to?

Andrew Boon is an associate professor in the faculty of humanities at Toyo Gakuen University. He has been teaching in Japan for over 14 years and is an Aston University PhD student. He has been an active member of JALT since 2004, has presented at numerous conferences, and has published several articles on teacher development, motivation, and methodology. At the time of writing, he is currently working on a new coursebook, Discover the News with David Harrington (Language Solutions, 2011).

Namba Shimin Gakushu Center (Osaka City Municipal Lifelong Learning Center - Namba Branch), (O-CAT 4F, 06 6643-7010)
Fee for JALT members: Free
Fee for one-day members: 1,000 yen (500 yen for students)